LBCG training courses offer intensive real world training programs that focus on delivering transformational practical skill enhancements...

...directly applicable to the workplace. These training courses have been designed to compliment the content of our world-class, E&P-led "Shale Gas & Tight Oil Water Management" conference series, which entail an exchange of up-to-date case studies from leading operators across the Rockies, Marcellus & Utica and Texas plays.

The upcoming Shale Gas Tight Oil Water Management Cost-Reduction Training Weeks will be providing practical hands-on training, from water experts that have had years of valuable experience in the field. While case study sharing is a brilliant format for understanding what results operators have seen by using different water treatment strategies, what it might not necessarily do is walk attendees through the decision-making criteria, the key factors that need to be considered, when deciding upon the optimal cost-reduction strategy for any given operation.

LBCG Training Courses have been designed to equip course attendees with the ability to make critical cost-reducing decisions based on the size of their budgets and operations in both expected and unexpected scenarios. We want to be able to share  knowledge that no books can teach or prepare you for, insights that can only be learned from individuals who have been in the industry long enough to have gained expertise through their own trial and error.


Upcoming "Real World" Training Courses Include...

Course 1
Course 2
Course 3

Course Instructor Interview

Ahead of the Shale Gas Tight Oil Water Management Cost-Reduction Training Weeks we spoke to Laura Capper, Founder & President,...


These real world training courses have been designed for water professionals with...

...a good understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories of water management who wish to substantially build upon that with the know-how and critical decision making abilities that come from years of real world industry experience.

Water, Water Chemistry, Completions, Facilities & Operations engineers handling the sourcing, treatment and transfer of water, in both E&P and water service companies, looking to optimize current water strategies in light of the oil price environment, will benefit significantly from these courses.




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